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About Nursery Program

Age Group:  3 to 4 years

Timing:  09:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Weekdays:  Monday to Friday

Our Nursery program ensures a great foundation for future learning within a healthy and effective learning environment where every child feels valued, independent, and confident.

At the Nursery age group, children primarily learn through exploring. They are able to focus better and communicate better using words and sentences. They develop more independence and begin to have real friendships with other children. Our curriculum is designed to help each child to reach their fullest potential and holistic development.

We focus on skills such as literacy, numeracy, and knowledge about the world around us. Co-curricular activities are integrated into the curriculum. The curriculum focuses on the holistic growth of the developing child, imparting education through play-based learning. The curriculum encourages children to ask questions, explore and enquire and reach their answers, with teachers acting as facilitators. Children have ample opportunities to learn from free play and structured activities at Play school but also with regular field trips, celebrations, role plays and story times. The classrooms are designed in such a way that they enhance a child’s natural learning process.

Key Areas in Nursery


Music and Movement


Object identification


Introduction to literacy and numeracy


Gross motor activities


Fine motor actvities involving Montessori materials and manipulative toys


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Activities Involved


Sensory skills


Art and craft


Worksheet and colouring sheets to initiate writing skills

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