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About Play Group Program

Age Group:  2 to 3 years

Timing:  9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Weekdays:  Monday to Friday

This program helps in the seamless transition of a child into his first independent schooling experience away from the comfort of home. Our Playgroup curriculum is abundant in-play opportunities where children learn to freely explore, investigate and experience a wide range of sensory, creative and physical experiences while learning the value of focusing on a single task. The learning objectives ensure that children develop skills through activities that help them build early literacy skills and independence.

The student-teacher ratio of Playgroup is 10:1 and duration of this programme is 3 hours

Key Activities in Play Group


Music and Movement


Object Identification


Gross Motor Activities


Fine Motor Activities with Montessori Materials and manipulative toys


Stories and Puppetry

Activities in Play Group


Colours and Shapes


Introduction to literacy and numeracy


Worksheets and colouring sheets to initiate writing skills


Sensory Play


Art and craft

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